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  • My youngest student is 5 years old, my oldest is 82. 

  • I teach basic drawing and design.

  • When someone asks about the studio, I set up what I call "A TOUR" (no charge)---takes about 45 minutes to meet, look around the studio and decide if you would like to sign up for a session.

  • Most of my students come once a week or once every two weeks.  There are two projects that we start with (in order for me to assess skill level).  After that the student designs his/her own projects, executes the project, and cleans up after themselves. I will then provide tips and tricks to improve the project. 

  • I encourage the student to try most media (I have almost everything here) before they go out and spend big bucks on art supplies. If a student needs anything else, I have catalogs here.  Otherwise, if it’s here, they may use it.

  • A student can do something crafty (like something they've found on Pinterest), but the next project has to be a drawing or a painting. I learned that the hard way--- a student kept wanting to do crafty items, and the parent made it clear to me that they weren't paying me to let their child just play here --- I was to teach them some drawing skills.

  • I'm quite flexible on scheduling.  For the most part, you are able make your own schedule.  I'm not so busy that we'd have trouble finding times/days. 

  • I currently teach about 25 students. 

  • Some of my students don't come during the summer. I have some students who only come during the summer, so scheduling around here can be complex. Please keep me informed of schedule changes.

  • Please let me know if you'd like to take a tour and give me a couple times/days that will work for you, and I'll check my schedule.


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